Wednesday, June 25

Thursday is tomorrow!

I'm excited because tomorrow I can take my permit test. I'm gonna do well, because I know my stuff and test well. If I pass, I can buy a permit and drive home! On back roads, of course. Too much traffic on the main highway... If I hit a tree I don't want to scare the other drivers. But that won't happen, I just want to be sure.

On Saturday night I awoke to hear the chickens making a big fuss, so I ran downstairs and grabbed the essentials in any scary situation: a flashlight and Lynae. We went out to the coop and saw a striped skunk eating eggs in perfect tranquility. I wish I had been as happy as it was. I ran inside, grabbed the airgun and ammo, and got out to the crime scene. But, the skunk retreated as soon as I had left the coop, and it pushed up the fence and escaped.
Sunday afternoon was when I decided to take action. I could've taken action the night before, but I was tired and ready to go back to bed. So Sunday afternoon I grabbed the bacon grease from the freezer, an egg, a bungee cord, and my 160 conibear. (For those of you not familiar with 160 conibears, they are traps with a 6 inch jaw spread which kill the animal instantly when used properly.) I chose this trap because it was strong enough to kill a skunk without much odor. Well, this morning I found the trap with a skunk in it. I can't say I was thrilled, (who can blame me?), but I was complacent. After about an hour of backbreaking labor, I finally got the trap springs set and locked so I could pull the skunk out. I decided to set the trap back up because the skunk I caught was a mother, and her young will now be 2 or 3 months old, and if they come around, I don't want to lose any more eggs. The moral of this story is: shut your chickens in at night. Also, don't feel sorry for skunks, they never return the favor.

Last night we went to a baseball game. Our team was the Duluth Huskies, the enemy was the La Crosse Loggers. Our team lost. The last inning was really exciting; the Huskies had the bases loaded and it looked like they had a chance, but then the last batter didn't do too well.


  1. Great skunk tale, Toby!
    Good luck on your permit test.
    Love you.

  2. Congratulations! Skunks are such nasty weasels.