Thursday, June 19

I'm about done with driver's ed now

Tomorrow is my last day man! So if I pass, I can get my permit one week from today. Then I can take my behind the wheel portion. Sweet.

I just got some music playing here, so the rest of this is probably gonna take forever.

About 1 hour and 10 minutes ago, I finished picking up branches at the neighbor's house. You are reading the blog entry of a man who is a lot richer now. Plus, I found some wooden frames with mosquito mesh on the burn pile, and I thought it would be perfect for rabbit hutches, so I brought them home. Imagine me riding across town on a bicycle with 5 wooden frames roughly 30" x 18", a timer, and a rake. I'm not gonna say our town is too big, but that was a tough ride home.

I saw a bunch of rabbits while I was in town. I warned them that fall is coming, and on September 13th I'm gonna get out there with a vengeance, but they didn't believe me. I don't blame 'em, I mean, I was carrying building supplies for a project which would hold their cousins, and I was struggling to stay on the road. Yeah, September 13th is 2 days earlier than it was last year, but the season is ending a day earlier, so I only gain one day.

I went scouting earlier, and I think I may have found a great spot for otters. The problem is, the water is warm and stagnant, and there is no evidence that proves for sure that otters are hanging out there. All I found were two trails where something was going across the road, something small like a coon, mink, or otter. Anyway, what I loved about this place is that there were a few bottlenecks in the water, where two points almost touch. This is the only place I've seen these, and they are awesome for swim-through sets with 280s or 330s. So I figure I'll probably hit it with a few 330s for otters if they do go through there, and also a shiny pan set for coon and mink. I would do some pocket sets, but there are no real banks, just grass growing in the water until it's too deep. I'm ready for October 25th. It seems like October 25th is way too far away. By that time, we'll only have 2 weeks to get it done before the ice comes. After ice, we've got 2 weeks to get land critters done, before we get some deep snow. I don't plan on wasting a second of those 4 weeks.

I think I'm tired of being awake, and that means I am going to bed.

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