Friday, May 25

Today we...

  • Had an awesome, elaborate pancake breakfast
  • Fenced in the garden, which measures approximately 45' x 45'
  • Tilled a plot for the 2nd planting of peas and carrots with our new-to-us Montgomery Ward tiller (which we bought yesterday for $50 just as some people I went to school with, whose daughter was in our gun safety class, were checking out said tiller... stopped and chatted with them for about 20 minutes)
  • Mowed and mowed and trimmed and mowed
  • Dug up a bunch of horseradish, as it was really getting out of hand
  • Harvested asparagus
  • Hauled branches to the burn pile
  • Had a pleasant surprise visit with the son and grandson of the woman who used to live here
  • Mailed packages that had been waiting all week to be mailed
I do believe all that's left is to get cleaned up, do tick checks, have ourselves a Mexican fiesta, and sleep very well tonight!


  1. So it did turn out to be horseradish!

    It sounds like things are coming along quite productively up there! Yay for you guys!!

  2. Your dinner sounds better than mine! :D

    We've both been hard at work this week in our yards. lol So rewarding, I think.

    Love you, Hugs, Robin

  3. Did I turn this blogger page into a German one or did you? LOL I can't remember doing that, but I must've.