Monday, May 21

Speaking of dogs...

Esther of Pen and Ink ... less recently wrote a glowing post about her wonderful dogs. This reminded me that now I can take good pictures of Manoah (in theory, anyway) because he won't race toward the camera when he sees me. In fact, he's sitting nearby while I post, and won't get up until I tell him to. I love that in a dog! I must give much credit to the obedience classes taught at the school through community ed., Toby's countless hours of training and persistence, and Cesar Millan (I love that man!).

India pictures will have to come later. She's still pretty new to this training thing, and besides, she's out with Toby and Lynae on a power walk.

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  1. We love Cesar Milan too!He's one of our main reasons for having satellite. At least one of the reasons Tony used to justify it to me. :o) Of course I am mighty glad that the dogs don't bother the chickens or ducks. That is a very good thing!