Tuesday, May 8

May Flora

This is a hemlock
and this is a tamarack.This sprang up pretty much overnight under my south-facing window.
I have no idea what the rest of these are yet.


  1. Ok, under the lily of the valley plants, you have sedum and bleeding hearts, I believe. After that, I'm lost.

  2. Wow, so beautiful. Hard to believe you have all these gorgeous things popping up after all that snow!

    Give us an update once those things have bloomed and you can identify them. :O)

  3. Yeah, what your Mom said. Sedum is in the the first picture of things you couldn't identify. I'm not sure which variety but it could be
    If you have any bee allergies in your household, get rid of it! Bees love the stuff.

  4. I think what you may have in the third unidentified photo (under the sedum) is peonies. At least this is what mine looked like when they first came up in the spring. A couple of years they got mowed down before I realized they were even there. Looks like your yard is going to be lovely there once things begin to blossom. Enjoy ! ! Aunt Marion