Monday, May 14


Cane River: Very interesting through the first half. When the author covered the Civil War, I disconnected, wondering if I really wanted to read about it from the perspective of a former software company executive. I know that's unfair. I remained disconnected throughout the rest of the book, as the author's transition from story (earlier generations) to facts (more recent generations) was awkward at best. I wanted to get back into it, but just couldn't. By the end of the book, all the characters were reduced to names I could only keep straight by referring to the family tree.

Jayber Crow: So far, this book is exactly right for this time of my life. The character's losses, memories, observations, desires, geographic location, and return to what he once knew all strike familiar chords. Reading this book is as delightful as snuggling into a cozy bed.

Overly-chatty homeschool book: The author keeps telling me not to skip ahead. I think I must. I cannot possibly read another page, but I do think I should look at the forms and other tools -- y'all just know I'll be making a ton of forms to get the kids through high school! Once I'm done with that, Paypal won't be necessary. I will pass it on with the hope that the recipient can get through it.

Apologia Biology: I just ordered this, along with the microscope kit and the dissection kit. I'm so excited! I think Toby is, too. I also got Apologia Physical Science so Lynae can use it next year and I can return the set Toby's been using to the family that blessed us by letting us borrow their copy for the year.


  1. The overly chatty homeschool book sounds exactly like the same one I've struggled to read. :)

  2. 'Overly chatty' I hate.

    I liked Cane River but it was hard to follow. I read it last year because I saw the map on the inside of the hardcover version as I was checking it out for a patron. One of the towns on the map and in the book (Cloutierville) is named after a relative or ancestor of mine.