Wednesday, May 9

Blooming, blooming everywhere!

Thank you for all your helpful replies! Every day is a new adventure in my yard. Today I started hacking away at the saddest rose bushes. They don't look quite so sad with the dead stalks removed. (Note to self: wear gloves next time, silly!) The rest will have to wait. I'm not prepared to properly tend rose bushes. They intimidate me. I also have absolutely no experience with peonies, but it appears I'm about to experience them in a big way. Thanks for identifying those, Aunt Marion!

I can happily report that my local honey bee population is thriving and pollinating my plum trees. I have a whole row of them, all white and buzzing.

Many of the apple trees are blooming, though some I expect to bloom later as they're a different variety.

I believe my gorgeous bird feeder tree, seen out my kitchen window, is a crab apple. It smells heavenly out there!

Mena, the dear lady who brought all this loveliness to the property and had an appropriate reputation for doing so, grew her potatoes and corn separately from her other veggies. I think we'll start our garden in that patch, since I'm not certain I've identified the other yet and don't want to take on too much at once. So eventually, I hope to see peas and not dandelions here.

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  1. I swear I could smell the blossoms on your trees!!!