Wednesday, January 4

I've done so little today!

Read emails... didn't reply... Read blogs... Thought about writing to friends and family... Ate... Showered... Supervised the kids in their cleaning and cooking projects... Ate... Perspired... Talked on the phone for a few minutes... Took pictures of Butch... Ate...

I can't wait to go to bed.

I think I just made up for New Year's Day.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a normal day. Enough of these extremes already! LOL

Wondering who Butch is? He's the largest of my several (seven?) hermit crabs. (At any given time, about half of them are happily buried in their substrate. That makes it harder to keep track of them.) Anyway, Butch just molted. Not only that, but he did it on the surface, which is a pleasant surprise for me. Check it out!

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