Monday, January 2

Happy New Year!

Above all things, be thankful that your children are your own, and everyone knows it.

It's very strange to have that sort of thing called into question... in the ER... by three police officers... and not have adequate proof on hand.

But it's ok, in the end, I got to bring all my children home with me last night. Gracie had four stitches in her cheek (just below her eye) yesterday, which she handled amazingly well. The doctor didn't even need a nurse to hold her head still.

I think I cried more trying to process the whole police thing than Gracie did once we got in the truck to go to the hospital. What a trooper, that girl!


  1. And there you have it: you're trial for the year. It's going to be smooth sailing after this. ;-)

  2. I can't imagine being questioned by 3 officers during the stress of an ER visit. YIKES! Yet another reason to stay far, far away from hospitals. ; ) Just joking.... Sort of....

    Can't Lynae sew?

  3. LOL Yes, she can sew... too late for that... but she also knows how to use a seam ripper! ;) (cringe)