Thursday, January 5

5 Weird Habits

I tried to be clever, and Esther tagged me. LOL So here I go:

1) I have five tubes of Blistex in various places, and use it several times a day.

2) I hold my water glasses up to the light and sniff them before using them.

3) When I lie down to sleep, I have to start on my left side, but then roll to my right side before falling asleep.

4) Every burger I ever make must be built in the same order as a Whopper.

5) When I get someone's answering machine or voice mail, I have to swallow before I can begin talking. Quite often, I can't swallow. Then I get all flustered and almost choke while I'm waiting for the beep. This is why I didn't leave you a message.

So there, now you KNOW I'm weird. I don't know who to tag, so I'm not even posting that part unless I think of someone.


  1. re 5) That's really weird! I used to do the same thing, then I started rehearsing or writing down what I needed to say and the flustering pretty much stopped and now I'll say just about anything on an ans. mach./voicemail and not care what anyone thinks.

  2. Interesting stuff :)

    I've never had a thing for Blistix or any other lip balm, however I have to know where at least 2 pair of fingernail clippers are at all times or I buy more. I usually like to have at least on pair in sight.

    A co-worker once counted 5 flashlights on my desk.

    As far as sniffing your water glasses... you are brave.

    I decided long ago that I don't sniff things to determine if they are good or bad. To me that's like touching a stove to see if it's hot.

    I use location based glass selection. In general I find that the dirtier glasses are the ones closest to the dish washer without being in it. Hence the clean ones are farthest away and somewhere in the cupboard. There's only one way for a glass to gain entrance to the cupboard, and that's by way of the dishwasher.

    I also only have one other human in the house whose actions I need to take into account when breaking down the probabilities the ambulation of a given dish, or water glass.

  3. LOL I'm almost the same way with nail clippers! Re: location based glass selection, I was going to say... you don't have children doing your dishes. :-) Great to see you here, Justin!

  4. *lightbulb* Male = Lots of flashlights. Here I thought it was just a family thing.

    Heid, you and Justin are definitely brother and sister! You both have that same way with words.

    Cool pics, Justin!