Tuesday, January 10

I wonder

I wonder how many stitches Gracie would've had if she were famous like Arnold.

I saw one of the police officers in Walmart a couple days ago. I asked him if they'd been able to clear up the situation from the ER. It turns out the receptionist at the hospital made a ridiculously stupid error. And thus, she wasted the time of three police officers... and caused me a bunch of unnecessary stress. I think I need to write a letter to the hospital this week.

I wonder where my husband will be working at the end of this year.

We spoke with one of the Arby's people in Minnesota last night. They have two stores opening in northwestern Minnesota, near North Dakota. Cold - good. Isolated - good. Treeless - not good.

They also have two stores opening in northeastern Minnesota. Those two are very close to where I grew up. That's just plain weird to me. It could be good, but I'm not yet sure what to think. In all the 6-year process of planning our move (north, midwest, Minnesota, northern Minnesota, Bemidji), we specifically didn't choose that area of the state. After all, the world is a big place, and it would look to some people like I was trying to recreate something from my childhood. I don't have the energy to explain that I've got more of a life than that. LOL

So we're praying, looking at real estate listings, fixing the house, decluttering, and packing the stuff we won't use in the next few months. God's plan for us is no different today than it was two years ago when we went on vacation in Bemidji, or than it was when I was a little kid in Minnesota. I trust He'll continue to open and close doors as He sees fit. We just need to be ready to go where He leads.


  1. After all, the world is a big place, and it would look to some people like I was trying to recreate something from my childhood.

    Hmm ... does it matter what other people think? And so what if you were trying to "recreate something"? I'm not suggesting that you are but if it's a good thing would that be so bad?

    It's been interesting observing your 6-year process from afar. A lot has happened in 6 years! I'm excited to see how He works all this out.

  2. From one bird to another...

    Hi! I am redecorating both of my blogs, working on the Homestead Blogger one now. :)

    How cool we are both as equally nerdy. LOL I just had to do that quiz once I saw it.

    It is snowing here! Is it over there? I bet theres FEET of snow in Minnesota. You know, my best friend in 8th and 9th grade moved from Brainard, Minnesota. Ever since then I always wanted to go to MN.

    My girls are being so goofy. They are pretending to be wrestlers.

    Well, Darrell didn't get his W-2 today. So, he is on his way to Florida and we'll get the W-2 on Tuesday. Probably better anyway so as though we don't have to go shopping on the weekend. I'd much rather go to Nashville (Wild Oats, to see LW&W again, and more) on a weekday.

    Off to play some more on my blog!

    Hugs! ~Robin

  3. Okay, so I can't spell. "I bet there are several" is what it should have said in the snow comment...