Saturday, June 25

Girly girl is 10

Sweet Lynae Marie just turned 10. We took her shopping and she picked out a pair of shoes, a Polly Pocket set, some cute jammies, and a chair for her room. We also got her a camping chair and a clip-on watch, and Toby got her a gerbil. A good time was had by (nearly) all.

She spent the week at a 4-H day camp collecting and identifying bugs and leaves, building a birdhouse, and fishing. She had a blast, and was totally exhausted by Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, when I picked her up, I had to tell her that Gracie let her gerbil out. As of now, he hasn't been found. I figure he's fine somewhere, as long as she didn't flush him.


  1. Tell Lynae Happy 10th Birthday! Cute cake Heidi.
    See ya, Tammie

  2. Belated happy 10th birthday, Lynae!!!

    What a cool cake! Praying the gerbil is found safe. :-|

  3. Hello Heidi! I hope your day is going well. :)

    Happy Fourth of July to all of you!

    ((HUGS)) ~ Robin