Sunday, July 3

High time for an update!

Crunch time is over, and I've caught up on sleep. is updated - yay! Somewhere in there, I even ordered some school books and planned out our first two weeks of school. We will start next week, taking advantage of the opportunity to stay inside with the air conditioning. July and August seem to be the best time of year for us to get a lot of school work done. September is when we emerge and enjoy the weather. This is great... unless we have a garden. Inevitably, it ends up dying in late summer from neglect.

The dogs are getting along well now, though Manoah has discovered that he can drag India around by her collar. I think careful supervision and maturity will eventually put an end to that.

The kids are watching a video and my brain is totally scattered right now. Maybe I'll be able to write more later.

(Oh yes, we found the gerbil yesterday. He never made it out of the cage. Lynae was so sad... for her little sister who must've felt terrible when she realized she couldn't make it better!)

Here are a couple of pictures to hold you over:


  1. Aw, sorry to hear about the gerbil. Not sure if Manoah will outgrow that dog-dragging thing as Noah did that in adulthood. Maybe it depends on how much of a pain the dog being dragged is. ;-) Congrats on the book ordering and school planning! What a woman!!

  2. Hi Heidi!! Did you all get rained on like we did tonight? It began raining around 9:15 p.m. Our neighbors had invited us to watch their display - they have a huge field. We got to watch for about half an hour before the thunderstorms began. Then we played in the rain. LOL

    ((HUGS)) Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

    P.S. We get a lot of schooling done in July and August, as well. Why wait until it is beautiful out in September/October to begin school? No way, Jose. Not us. When those leaves start a-turnin' I will be out in them taking pictures. :)