Wednesday, June 15


It began innocently enough. We were talking about being able to buy anything on eBay. It turns out we couldn't find the particular breed of dog Toby mentioned. It doesn't look like they sell dogs. But my fingers were quick to show him, which I learned about from my LL@H friends.

Just for kicks, I pulled up dogs in our area. Sure enough, there was the chocolate lab Toby had mentioned. Satisfied, he turned his attention to other things. I scrolled through the listings and happened upon India. I clicked. I enlarged. I left her picture in the background as I went about my business.

This morning, I found myself jumping out of bed to look at her picture again. Wait, it gets worse. Or better. I called Loren at work and told him I wanted a dog for my birthday. He was, understandably, stunned. I called the shelter. She was still there. We raced to town. I called my friend Kathy and asked her advice. We had poor reception, so she wasn't able to talk me out of it.
45 minutes later, we had adopted India. Here's the picture from her listing:

We brought her home. Manoah was, understandably, stunned.

I've bathed her twice. She smelled better than Manoah, who was involved in a skunk incident a week or so ago. They just spent some time running through the sprinkler together, so we'll see how they smell tonight. They get along pretty well. Manoah is being quite a goofy pup, showing off and asserting his dominance over this sweet, docile, smaller dog.

Who woulda thunk it? No one who knows me, that's for sure!

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  1. Love your blog. As much as I love blogging, I'm also rather addicted to We have so many strays come through our farm though that I never feel like I can adopt more. I kept Tony on his toes though always "looking" at the dogs. I think he considered building kennels so I could have a rescue or something.

    Enjoy India. She looks like my kind of dog - big and fluffy!

    Thanks for the help with my blog. You can always join us over at homeschool blogger if you get the hankerin'.