Wednesday, June 15

Almost Typical

It was such a long, hot day today that I made a list of household chores for the kids, and upon their completion I took them to Sonic for supper. Instead of the usual water, I got each of the little ones a slush. Not smart.

We took the long way home, and I stopped at the playground just as it was getting dark. The kids played in the light of my headlamps, then I started the truck and indicated for them to come buckle up. Four of them did. The other stood and stared. Then he turned and walked away. Long story quite a bit shorter, it was 20 minutes before we got him in the truck (completely wet and soiled). It was another 10 minutes before we found Toby, who had been sent to get his brother. Turns out, Toby hadn't seen him and had walked nearly all the way home. Meanwhile, Lynae and I were yelling for him down at the park. Oh, the drama!

So we got home, and then I had to do the poop-cleanup routine. This time, it took until 1:00 AM. Though we do it several times a week, he still asks me for clarification each step of the way. Tonight I got smart. Lynae and I set up outside the bathroom doorway and played cards while he decided between dawdling and cleaning. She couldn't see him, and I could - it was perfect.

He's finally asleep, and I am too, actually. I hope this post doesn't need to be proofread. LOL

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