Sunday, February 22

Too much of a good thing

Last week, on Sunday, I was pretty grumpy. I actually was really mad. So I went in my room and chose to use my evil energy on something not unproductive. I did 100 sit ups. This was quite an accomplishment for me because my previous record was 80 sit ups, and that was 2 years ago. I enjoyed the workout. I did it again the next few nights. But the pain I experienced in the daytime was unbearable, so after four days of agony, I quit. That was on Wednesday. Just today, my abdominal pain has abandoned me, and I am happy about that.

Today we went sledding in Cloquet. That was a great time. You may have read in a much earlier blog post about the hill in Cloquet. If you haven't, it just rocks. This year, the whole bottom of the hill was covered in jumps. I hurt my knees really badly, but it was fun, so I didn't worry about it. I got close to 3 feet of air some of the times, and usually I landed on my side, with my sled landing about 10 feet away.

Then we went bowling. Lynae, Grace, and I were all bowling in the same lane. We agreed that if Grace beat Lynae or me, whoever Grace beat would pay for a game of pool. The end of the first game was discouraging: Lynae won, followed by Grace, and I was 27 points behind Grace. But then we played a second game, and in the end of this one, I had 157 points, Lynae had 97, and Grace had 94. I was much happier with this one, but I had to pay for the game of pool. I paid for the game of pool. Lynae beat me. As of right now, I am still waiting for her to reimburse me for that.

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