Sunday, December 14

Snowed in

We're getting a "blizzard" today... I don't suspect it will amount to much this far south of the lake, but we'll see. Loren has made it into work for the night and will stay until the roads are clear. The snow will be followed by some Minnesota cold. I thank God that we're as prepared as can be to stay safe and cozy here at home.

I've got one sick child all bundled up and sleeping it off in the other room. Hopefully we won't pass the germs around with the Christmas cheer.

Now it's time to shut down the computers, put on some Christmas music, clean the house, and make some goodies. Fun!


  1. At least you don't get the "will school be closed tomorrow?" stuff! That's why I'm out here on the computer now, watching and waiting for an announcement. I'm thinking they'll close.

  2. I love a good blizzard when there is no where to go and we are very prepared!