Tuesday, December 9

Long ago and far away

In a state called Kentucky, there lived a little family of four. There was Mom, Dad, Toby, Lynae. Mom and Dad wanted their son and daughter to have some more siblings, so one day, they all sat down in the living room and discussed foster care.
''It might just be for a little while, or they might stay with us forever.'' said Mom, ''Either way, you would have someone else to play with all the time.''
''You mean we could like, go to the post office with them, and play outside with them, and stuff?'' asked Toby.
''Yup, sure could!'' said Dad, who had been sitting quietly.
''Yeah!'' said Lynae, '' That would be cool, cuz' then I could be a big sister!'' who was the baby of the family.
So the next two years were full of classes and exams and paperwork, until finally one day they received a call from a social worker. A half hour later a car came rolling down the driveway, and the social worker and a little boy got out. The social worker proceeded to take a baby boy out and talk to Mom while Toby and Lynae showed the toddler all around the house.

Since that day, we took in their little sister (who was born after the boys came to us), adopted all three, and hauled them up to Minnesota. The novelty of being a big sister has worn off, and I sometimes find myself wondering what it would have been like if we hadn't adopted, but I love all three of my little siblings more than ever, and find it hard to believe that they've been a part of the family for over seven years already.


  1. I can hardly believe it has been 7 years already!

    I know that you make a great big sister. :)

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your family, Lynae!
    Love you ALL!

  3. Lynae, you are a wonderful big (and little) sister...a fantastic daughter...and I'm a very proud cyber-auntie!

  4. It's funny to remember back when it was *only* you and Toby. Do you remember when I used to babysit you all sometimes when your mom would volunteer at Alpha? You all were pretty little. I think that was around the time that your mom shaved your hair to see if it would grow back in more thick. Ha!

    Sometimes God just surprises us with where He leads. :O)

  5. They couldn't have had a better person as a big sister! You've done a great job welcoming them into your family and being there for them when their birth family was unable to.