Saturday, December 6

Back in business

This is a picture of a pine marten. I got it off Google. You will want to look back at this picture if you have never seen a pine marten before.
I have not been blogging too much recently because I've been on Trap Talk. Where friends hang out and talk about stuff. Well, as some of my readers may have guessed, I put some stuff in my profile when I logged in. One of the things I put in my profile was that I do some taxidermy. And since this is a place where trappers hang out, there were some people needing some taxidermy done.

So a few weeks ago I started getting customers. My first one came in the mail yesterday. It is a beautiful pine marten from Alaska. So as soon as I get the supplies I need, I will be mounting it in my new fur room.


  1. Hey thats great. I hope it arrived frozen. Post some pictures when you get it done. Good Luck.

  2. Congratulations!

    I was wondering how it came to you - in dry ice or frozen or what...

    Details for a detailed-oriented friend of your mom? Please? Thanks!!

  3. It arrived frozen. He sealed it in a ziplock bag, wrapped the bag in wet rags, put that in a ziplock bag, and froze it like that. Then he put it in a box and wrapped it in paper.

  4. T in mapleton12/20/2008 2:56 PM

    I used to think a pine martin was a bird, until we read the Brian Jacques books and we had to look it up... duh.