Saturday, December 6

Pyrex explosion

I just heard a loud noise in my oven. The Pyrex pan I had supper in was broken into dozens of pieces. Thankfully, I was cooking large items and not a casserole or something, which would be even messier to clean up!

I'm also thankful that tonight, I did something I NEVER do: I prepared two chicken dishes for supper. So we will still be able to eat a hearty meal. I even wondered, as I prepared them, why I was doing such a strange thing (for me). I'm so glad I followed the urging of the Holy Spirit!


  1. When I saw that title I thought..uh ohhh! I did not know that Pyrex exploded! Oh well, glad it turned out okay.

  2. We were eating dinner with Kathy K. once and the pyrex dish was sitting on the table and then just exploded. It was scary.

  3. That is so cool! Totally a God thing!

  4. Cool God thing, scary Pyrex thing. I use Pyrex all the time. Now I'm a-skeered!