Friday, September 26

What I've been thinking about

  • soap - I've made some that I don't like, and I need to make more soon
  • asbestos - wondering where all it is in my house and to what extent it will affect my life
  • American government - what was, and is, and is to come
  • grape jelly - how fun it was to make and what colors different grapes make
  • eyeglasses - thankful we can afford them for three kids
  • orthodontics - hoping we can afford that for the one who needs it
  • tomatoes - wondering if I've got enough ripe to make canning worthwhile
  • winter - excited and nervous about that, but planning to enjoy the heck out of autumn in the meantime
  • sleep - when I'll get some (uninterrupted)
  • pain - the weird pain, the unidentified pain, the emotional pain, the dog's pain, and how to end or at least ignore it
  • telephones - hating them but trying to be grateful for their usefulness anyway
  • marriage - loving it, hoping my kids will too


  1. You've been thinking too much! But then again it's part of being a parent.

    I agree with you on the tomatoes; this year has been a bust.

    I plan to enjoy the heck out of autumn too!

    I got a call from the pastor at Danforth Chapel today; he was missing us and wondering how we were doing. It got me to missing that little church too, and thinking how good they have been to us and how maybe we should go to worship on Sunday. I'll think about it.

  2. Bruce's aunt used to freeze tomatoes. Her method was terribly complicated: Throw the tomatoes in a plastic bag and put 'em in the freezer. Think you can handle that? Once frozen, the clack like little bocce balls, and you can rinse them under running water and their skins fall right off. Then throw them in soup or whatever. I much prefer canned, but if you want to preserve the harvest and the harvest is too lean to bother with canning, freezing is a reasonable alternative.

    I think you might be surprised how often your family comse up in conversation around here. Even Bruce mentions you when we talk about the homesteading lifestyle!

    Julie Baby