Tuesday, September 9

Ramblings of an exhausted woman

I need to find a competent plumber. Right away. When we tried to fix a leak in the bathroom, I think we made it worse. Or it could be that my heightened awareness of it made it seem more urgent. Either way, we did all we could and were unable to fix it. The plumber we've had out here in the past will not be invited to return. Hopefully I can find someone else.

The good news is that the tub will probably NOT fall through the floor into the basement.

The bad news is that if we ever have to reach the pipes under the bathroom, well, it will be very difficult. And it had better not happen on a day when I'm particularly emotional, like today.

Dear readers, I am so thankful for my husband. When I came to him on the verge of sobbing uncontrollably and asked if he would take me away, he dropped everything and took me to dinner. And "everything" in this case was taking Gracie down to the basement to hook up the stovepipe so we could be warm and cozy. I am also thankful for my children, who can stay home and handle things when we go out, even on short notice.

Speaking of warm and cozy, between the time I post this and the time you read it, we will probably have a frost. I guess it's right on time, though I wouldn't have minded a few extra days to mentally prepare.

Then again, I think my mental faculties are booked this week. I have a whole list of phone calls to make, appointments to remember, door prizes to assemble, and company coming (gasp). Most days this week, there's stuff happening at specific times. Man, that's tough. And I bet it sounds ridiculous, too. What does it say about my life that I can wake up prepared for someone to take two hours to sweep the floor or drop everything to go rescue a chicken, but I get stressed out trying to remember that I have to have my roaster at the church by noon on Saturday? And that's WITH it written down.

Must. Sleep. Now.


  1. Kudos to Loren, my wonderful son-in-law, for saving my beautiful daughter in her hour of need.

  2. It's so refreshing that someone has days like this, and not just me. Sounds like Loren is your super-hero as Jim is mine. Just know you're not alone out there.

  3. Hey Heidi, it was great to run into you and your family at the Carrot today! Lynae is such a strong girl! I would have winced at carrying that sack out myself. Anyway, Don and Jodi are such great people!

  4. Did you say "competent plumber"? LOL! Good luck! I've yet to find one!

    What a good husband! And the best part? You appreciate him.


  5. Hello Sweet Heidi. :)

    ((((Heidi)))) Your husband is so sweet to you. Intuitive as well.

    I miss you especially today.

    We're going to Whole Foods tomorrow. Want to come? I wish! Darrell was here for an hour a little bit earlier, to drop off his check and pick up some things for his truck. We have seen him more in the past two weeks than we have seen him all year - literally!

    (((more hugs))) Enjoy your week, your company and your busyiness. Hugs, Robin