Monday, September 1

Great start to the week

Yesterday I was playing my guitar at the park. Trying to see if Mom could still hear me screaming "I'm Not Alright" from the house where she was taking a nap. I had taken the boys over to the park, but they weren't playing. They were waiting for the kids with the ATV to come freewheeling by so they could chase the ATV. Well, like I was saying, I was playing my guitar, and a man with a van came and asked me if there was a water fountain nearby. I told him that there was a pump, and so he filled up his water carrier. I quietly began playing "I've Always Loved You" by Third Day, but I wasn't singing it because I had forgotten the lyrics. He asked me who the song was by, and said it sounded like Third Day. Then he got out his guitar and we jammed together for a minute or two, and exchanged chords, and then he left.

Today I went haying again. This time I left early in the morning, and came back around noon with my paycheck. Now I can get some chest waders.

This evening I went to the city fire hall for a meeting. I was there to hear about next year's picnic. Next thing I knew, I was volunteering to help with the fire department's construction job.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day, Toby. You sure are growing up fast. I'm really proud of the young man you are becoming.
    Love you,