Monday, November 26

Well now that the pictures are over, time to get serious.

And this program keeps canceling what I type. I'm feeling discouraged now, and Grace wants to know why I'm not chatting.

I will summarize what my last attempt said, in the unlikely case that this information won't disappear.

I moved my steel traps from the water to leaning pole sets, in hope of catching a fisher, bobcat, gray fox, or pine marten. I used scraps from the slender young hare I caught last night to bait the sets. I hope to catch another slender young hare soon so that I can put them together in the crockpot and have some hasenpfeffer.

Mr. M said he would let me snare slender young hares on his farm, but that is several miles away and might be inconvenient.

Today Mr. B took me to his house to help train a hearing dog. Alvin (the dog) is getting the point, but he is really hyper. So I will be going to Mr. B's house for the next few weeks to help train Alvin.

I, clever little freak that I am, just thought of something. Since I will be going over to Mr. B's house on weekdays for a while, I could ask to snare slender young hares at his house. He walks his dogs on a long path through the woods, so maybe he could check my snares on weekends.


  1. Toby, my cat disappeared over the weekend. Do you think he may have been taken by a fisher, a bobcat, or a slender young hare?
    Pain that he was around the birds, I still miss him.

  2. Ummm... Well, if you haven't seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail, you can't appreciate all that a slender young hare can do. However, my guess would be that a fisher may have taken him, or he may have roamed afar and got hit by a swiftly moving vehicle with a careless driver.