Friday, November 16

So creative, it's scary!

Overheard during a discussion of the impending Christmas Photo Shoot:

"I know, we'll all wear our jammies and climb into your bed. We'll change the bedding..."
"Yeah, to historic bedding. We'll have a picture of Abe on the comforter."

"We could all wear turtlenecks."
"Do you even have a turtleneck?"
"Well, no, but I have a hoodie I could wear..."
There were also references to ski masks, bubble wrap, the Green Dragon, kilts, and hula hoops. It's anyone's guess what we'll end up doing this year!


  1. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with! :D

  2. Wow, what a hoot! And a reminder that we should take a family picture or something this year. MAYBE we'll actually get the cards mailed.

  3. How cute. :) Happy happy Thanksgiving to you and all of yours! Hugs, Robin

  4. When you say "the Green Dragon", what exactly do you mean?

    I have a reason for asking.


  5. Julie, I'm not exactly sure what that means. He said with a flourish, "And I shall be the Green Dragon with my blanket draped over my shoulders." LOL

  6. Indeed. I can't be a blue dragon because that's Saphira and Saphira's a girl. I can't be the orange dragon because he's Glaedr and Glaedr is missing a limb. And the red and black dragons are for the bad guys. Besides, green's like the almost best color.