Thursday, November 1

I was all set and ready for whatever

And a few days ago, when I was tending my traps, I saw the strangest thing near my trap. Was it success? Maybe. If you want to call it that, go ahead. Anyway, what I saw was a surprisingly large mound of pine needles next to my trap. I had to investigate.

I got closer and saw that my snare was empty, but looked like it had caught something. I pulled away at the pine needles out of curiosity, and what was buried under there was a headless rabbit.

I don't know exactly how the rabbit became headless. However, I have a very convincing theory. My theory clearly states:
1. At around 3:30 am, the rabbit smelled the apple I had used for bait, and carefully situated himself comfortably in my snare.
2. Suddenly, he remembered what happens to bunnies that get caught in snares, and began calling for help.
3. He heard something approaching. His plan had almost worked. His mommy had come to help! Only, it wasn't his mommy. It was Bob the Cat. She pounced on the rabbit and bit his head off, and went away to hit a cricket.

Well, it doesn't really matter now, because we ate the rabbit last night. Oh, let me tell you about supper. We had bubble and squeak, pork chops, applesauce, and hasenpfeffer (rabbit). That was good. I need to catch more rabbits.

Mom is cool for letting me plant garlic today. And while I was in the garden, I brought the dogs out and we played in the garden together. Our wonderful town does not allow dogs running at large, so we played in the fenced-in garden.

Mom and I went walking in the back of the property a few days ago, looking for a place to trap foxes, and we saw a bald eagle. She really is a cool mom.

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