Monday, November 5

First snow

We have beautiful, big, fluffy snowballs blowing this way and that all around us. The kids are SO excited! (Me, too!)
I love this picture. Not only is there snow, but now I KNOW there's an apple tree, a partially pruned lilac bush, roses, irises, and over a dozen peonies within this frame. The green plant under the lilac bush is still a mystery. It's got beautiful flowers and intriguing seeds. I might send some to my mom and see if I can talk her into trying to grow them. I think they'd look great by her decorative fence.


  1. Oh yay!!! We're supposed to get snow today or tomorrow. Mr. *Nicklebee just called from work and while I was talking to him, he said he was getting something like hail there.

    Funny. I usually smell snow long before now. I haven't smelled it at all this season.

    Enjoy your snowfall!

  2. Snow?! Why, you!

    I am FURIOUS!


  3. Dear Heidi,

    I have been praying for you everytime you come to mind. I hope you are feeling better today. It makes me very sad to think of you in pain.

    I hope all of the coughs are getting better. I started mine 8 days ago. Lots of garlic, vitamin C, water, echinacea, etc. I pray it goes away on its own. Loren's, Lynae's and yours, too. I've told the girlies to pray you all.

    I sure wish my thoughts would just fly onto the screen. Would sure make blogging the whole NYC adventure all that simpler. lol

    Hugs, prayers & love, Robin

  4. I'm just now catching up on my blog reading. And now I see I missed your snow of almost a week ago! Congrats on the white stuff...and if you have any influence on God at all...please ask Him to keep it up your way. LOL