Thursday, March 1

Snow week: Day 4

On Day 4, we scrapped the neat little snow day plan and hurled ourselves, headfirst, into a blizzard.

No, really. We did.

Denny down at the Deep Rock gas station said we should stay inside if we can. So, like a bunch of fools, we thought it'd be the perfect day to walk to the post office. After all, it was SNOWING! No... it was BLIZZARDING! What could be more fun than that??

Well first of all, Michael's boot kept falling off. Poor kid! And then my foot slipped, my ankle twisted, and down I went. Thankfully, I landed on a foot of soft snow. Really, the rest of the walk to the post office was fairly uneventful. But then we had the walk back, most of which was right into the wind and driving snow.

Let me tell you, those pretty little snowflakes turned out to be vicious ice pellets! I couldn't see a thing all the way home, and had melted snow running into my eyes and down my cheeks the whole ways, turning to ice halfway down my face. My friends, it was not pretty. It was then that I wished I'd listened to Denny. The man knows his stuff, and not just about cars.

We did make it home safely, stripped off our snow-caked clothes, and had a quiet, restful afternoon. And now the family is back outside, ready for Round Two against the blizzard. Crazy people!!


  1. Boy, those photos and your comments sure bring back memories of my days in Maine ! ! I really enjoy reading your blog, Heidi. GREAT photo of Gracie. Difficult to believe she is growing up so quickly ! ! Love, Aunt Marion

  2. Hi Miss Heidi! :) I hope you are doing well today. I haven't heard from you in a while so I thought I'd come by and see what you are up to. LOVE love LOVE the snowy pics! Makes me want to drive right on up. lol Really! It does. :)

    So, did you used to have a cat named Robin or do you now? LOL Or is it a neighbor cat? Tee hee hee!

    I'm glad you enjoyed at least part of the walk in the blizzard. LOL Sounds like something I would have done. Sounded like a good idea at first anyway, huh?

    I'm so glad you were able to get to the doctor and now you are feeling better! Yeaaaaaa!

    I've actually been not deleting my posts and pictures for a while on my blog. *shock* lol So, if you'd like to take a peek here's the addy:

    If you go back far enough, you'll see several bird photos from The Great Backyard Bird Count and favorites of mine from the past year and a half or so. Also homemade bread pics and all sorts of stuff. And, of course, my journey entries. Did I give you that password? I will if I did not.

    Well, Miss Heidi, you and yours have a wonderful day wayyyy up there. :) Tell Lynae that Emma said hello and hopes she'll visit her blog some day if she has a moment.

    Hugs & Love, Robin