Monday, March 26

Exploring Minnesota: Banning State Park

My children now know what pussywillows are!Kayakers taking a break from the Kettle River rapids - one of them told Toby he needs to get himself a kayak. Toby couldn't agree more!
Cone-laden tree
Manoah was stuck sitting with me while I took pictures and Toby and India took off on an adventure. While keenly interested, he'd rather obey me and sit. Good dog. This one looks great at actual size - click on it!
Manoah, Toby, and India all had a great time hiking with me! Definitely click on this picture to appreciate the total handsomeness of my Sunday morning date.


  1. How beautiful. Looks like you had a wonderful Sunday morning date.

    The chickens have finally gotten in the spring laying rhythm. We're getting over 20 eggs a day now. Woo hoo! All different size, shape, & colors. Love it, love it, love it!

    Also, we couldn't find the ducks the other day, they weren't in the creek, no feathers laying in the yard. Found them in the barn with Billy in the hay. Too funny. They bring us so much joy.

  2. Great pics, Heidi! Toby is so handsome! The dogs are getting big and dogly, too.

    So are you going to run out and get Tobe a Kayak or is he going to do the homeschool thing and hew his own out of a log he found on your hike?

  3. Nice pictures, Heidi! I'm sure Toby would enjoy having a kayak. My two oldest sons pooled their money together and got a 2 man kayak last summer. They really enjoy it.

  4. Very nice photos Heidi. You know the pussy willows would be nice in a dried flower arrangement. Unfortunately we don't have them here in GA. And yes, I agree that Toby would probably really enjoy a kayak. They are particularly wonderful on a lake when you can get quite close to wildlife without scaring them. Hugs, Aunt Marion

  5. Thanks for letting me take a peek into your day. Love all the pictures.

    ((hugs)) Have a wonnnnderful day. :)