Saturday, March 10

Happy Saturday!

It's 45 degrees out. I'm in shorts and short sleeves and have my bedroom windows open. It's not that I'm that desperate for spring; I'm just so excited to be comfortably cool!

Two of my internet friends have inspired me to get the house clean, so that's what I'm working on today. Lynae is helping immensely. We all seem to have gotten into the habit of not picking up after ourselves. Admittedly, it's hard to put things away when they don't officially have a place yet. This settling in thing sure does take time!


  1. Well it's 69 here and I'm wearing capris and a tee shirt and am going back and forth between wearing a fleece button up over it!

    I know it takes a long time to get settled. With good help like Lynae though, I'm sure you'll figure things out!

  2. Hello Heidi. :) The girls and I loved watching your snow! How fun! And hearing your friendly voice was an added bonus.

    I hope you've enjoyed cleaning! We've been doing some prespring cleaning ourselves over the past week or so.

    I sewed a new curtain for our family room today in my favorite autumny/70's colors. lol

    I sure miss you.

    Hugs & Love, Robin