Monday, February 26

Snow week: Day 2

Our first day of snow week was a great success! The kids are cleaning up the kitchen right now and plan to go back outside as soon as they're finished, presumably to play until they fall asleep in the snow.

It's still snowing. I'll have to fish 'em out of the drifts before I go to bed, I guess.

Here's our plan for tomorrow:

Breakfast: oatmeal
Lunch: Surprise soup (It seems my soup never turns out the same way twice, and Jon always says it's the best soup ever. So there ya go.)
Supper: Fried pork chops, mashed potatoes, applesauce
Dessert: popcorn

Living room cleaned

Morning play time - outside
Science Time
Afternoon play time - outside
Evening movie: Facing the Giants

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