Saturday, February 10

Ice Fishing

Loren and Toby participated in an ice fishing contest today. It was our family's first experience with ice fishing. First, we stopped at the general store and got a fishing license and some minnows.

Then we drove out to the lake. It was 6 degrees, but the windchill on the lake was well below zero. I was pretty nervous about driving my truck onto the lake. You could see cracks all over the ice, and some actually had ¼" gaps. The ice was over two feet thick, but it was still scary when the ice cracked while we were on it and we could feel it moving under our feet.

Once on the lake, Loren and Toby chose two holes and set up to fish for two hours. They didn't catch anything, but it was definitely a learning experience.

After taking pictures, the other kids and I headed home to make up some chili and biscuits for when the guys returned. I took a wrong turn on the way home, and was grateful for the detailed atlas my SIL gave us for Christmas! We started back the right way, and Michael saw a deer watching us from the side of the road. Unfortunately, I didn't think to get a picture of that until it was too late.


  1. That is CR-A-ZY!! I can't believe our dear sensible friends are out driving that massive vehicle out on the ice! Egads... and sitting out there trying to catch fish through a little hole. Oh my word. What are you people thinking?!

    I think you're having Kentucky withdrawal headaches. You should just come back. :o)

  2. Actually, the holes weren't that little. I'm convinced Gracie would've fit through them, which is another reason I got the kids outta there. LOL

    Kentucky withdrawal headaches... that's such a sweet thought! :-)

  3. I nearly needed smelling salts for the part about the cracks in the ice and the ice moving under your feet! EEK!!!

    I love the picture of the Heidi and Loren clones with the little kids. :)

    Mmmm, chili and biscuits. I bet the men really appreciated that when they got home!

  4. Hey! I just noticed the header image! Are those your towering pines?

  5. Aye, those are our pines on a snowy, frosty, cloudy sort of day.

  6. Oh that's funny ~ the Heidi & Loren clones! I had never picked up on it. How dense am I?