Wednesday, February 28

In like a lion

Our latest storm just began about 15 minutes ago. This one is supposed to be a blizzard. We're SO ready for it! My camera batteries are charged, too, so maybe my Kentucky friends will get to see what I'm so excited about.

Here are some pictures I found or took today:

Bob sitting on the end of the gutter suspended from the side of the garage, and (Brave Sir) Robin watching her

The view from my kitchen window this afternoon

The view from my dining room this afternoon

What happens when Mom gets desperate for the kids to do something, anything educational - Legohenge!

A caption contest sort of picture

1 comment:

  1. Cool pics!

    "I know you're not thinking of coming at me with that brush again."

    "Did you just tell me no?"

    It sounds like your week has been a blast. Good for you! :-)

    Your food sounds great, too. *drooling*