Tuesday, November 24

My Great Adventure

Mom and I recently made a trip down to the Mall of America, but this was no ordinary shopping trip. We were going to Ree Drummond's book signing. For those of you who don't already know, she is a blogging mother of four and she just published her cookbook, which we were eager to get, so we seized the opportunity with great pleasure.

Because the Mall of America is about two hours away, we had to leave fairly early to get down there. During the drive, we talked about how awesome it was going to be and how cool it was that we could actually go. Well, we got down to the Twin Cities and soon realized we didn't remember exactly which route to take, so we got ourselves kind of lost, but then Mom remembered the right way and we got unlost. Thank God for moms that remember the way!

We got to the mall right as the signing started. With my hands shaking, I bought the book and got in line with Mom. And then we stood. And stood. And stood. And after a while, Mom just couldn't stand it any longer, so she went and sat and watched me inch along with my precious cookbook and a big grin on my face.

You know, when you stand in a line full of ladies for as long as I did, after a while you become acquainted with the ladies around you. Well, the group of ladies in front of me were busy chit-chatting, so I turned around and started talking to the two ladies behind me. They were very nice women, and thought it was great that I was interested in cooking considering my tender age.

While we were talking, I noticed that they were dressed in a manner which I had never seen in real life. These two women were covered from head to toe with the exception of their faces. I had seen women dressed like this in pictures, and knew it was a religious thing, but couldn't remember the religion. Well, after standing in line for about three hours, I finally said, "Do you dress that way for religious purposes?" to which they said, "Yes we are both Muslim converts". "Oh okay." I said, and then thought, wait, some Muslims hate Christians enough to kill them, and I'm Christian! After that we kept chit-chatting, but I was a bit more reserved.

Well, after 5 long hours of waiting, it was finally my turn. The nervousness had worn off into tiredness, hunger, and excitement, but as I got up onto the stage I started shaking all over again. I was about to talk to my favorite author!! I handed the picture-taking lady my camera and sat down next to Ree. Wow! She's beautiful! I thought. Our conversation was as follows:

Ree: Hey sweetie, how are you?
Me: I'm good, and you?
Ree: I'm great! Is this book for anyone in particular?
Me: Just me
Ree: Okay, and what's your name?
Me: Lynae, that's L-y-n-a-e.
Ree: Oh that's a beautiful name!
Me: Ah, well, I owe that to my parents.
Ree: Well they did it all didn't they?

Meanwhile she had written: To Lynae

We had our picture taken, and that was that. I got off the stage all trembling and happy. There was Mom waiting for me, and all of a sudden I felt so bad for her having come all that way and not even getting to share the experience, but she said she had been able to watch me which was just as good. We picked up one of the free T-shirts that were being handed out for all the Pioneer Woman fans, grabbed some dinner, and came home.

On the way I kept looking at the picture of me and Ree, and thought, some people would say it's ridiculous to stand in line for five hours just to get a book signed. Really it is, but the memory that I have now is priceless.

Thanks, Ree, for coming to Minnesota!


  1. SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pioneer Woman is my own personal hero. I'm so, so glad you got to meet her! I don't think it's silly AT ALL!

    She is a shining example of an industrious wife and mother.

  2. I agree with you... It was TOTALLY worth the wait in line! You have a sweet mom to wait with you.

    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

  3. Sounds like fun!

  4. Now that you have met Muslim women, who I am assuming didn't threaten you, do you realize how dumb you sound? Muslims do not just will-nilly kill anyone and it wasn't very Christian thinking on your part.
    You had a chance to learn something and blew it.

  5. You are quite right in assuming that they did not threaten me, in fact they were very kind to me. It was my instinct that told me that some Muslims hate Christians, and being only a human, I can't always control my instincts. If you hear about Muslims bombing Christians and Jews, then when you hear the word Muslim, you will think of people who bomb Christians and Jews.

    I agree that they do not go around willy-nilly killing people. Members of the jihad most likely plan their attacks, a prime example being 9/11.

    It was not out of fear or hatred that I was more careful what I said, but out of a respect for their beliefs. I did not want to hurt these sweet ladies by saying something they would find offensive, just the same as I would not discuss politics with someone I just met who clearly disagreed with my political standpoint.

    I am still a young adult and still make many mistakes, but am always working at becoming a woman who displays a love for her God and everyone around her.

  6. I apologize for my previous post. I just re-read it and I certainly didn't sound the leat bit Christian. You were more than gracious in your reply.
    Have a wonderful holiday, and I am truly sorry for judging you.
    Jan (who cannot really figure out how not be "anonymous".)

  7. Thanks for taking the picture of me and MM.

  8. Love the photo of you and Ree! and that you remember word for what what you all said. I was a complete mess and can't remember a thing. :)

  9. Cat: Oh that was you! Hi!!! Not a problem. :)

    Angel: Thank you! I was a mess too. I got weak in the knees ans was trying to remember a little speech I had thought up. I sat down and all I could think was, I'm sitting next to her!!! She asked me what my name is!!! This is incredible!!!

  10. Lynae,
    It was such a joy and pleasure to read your experience! I'll never make it to one of PW's book signings, so it was wonderful to live vicariously through you. You do have an awesome mom, and your mom has an awesome daughter.

  11. Hello Lynae,
    You sound like a sweet girl so I just wanted to help you out a bit. First of all, I am reading your blog because I read PW all the time. I wish I could go to one of her book signings (sigh). The reason that I am writing, however, is because I am a muslim. I also know a lot of muslims and you don't have to worry, absolutely no one I have ever met would want to kill any one, Christian or other, especially not for religious reasons. One other thing to think about. I live in Canada but have travelled to several muslim countries and some young muslim people feel the way you do... 'I should be careful because that person is Christian and there are many "Christians" in the world killing Muslims right now'. They don't know any better either. They best way to not make mistakes like this is for everyone to keep an open mind and not be afraid of many because of some inspeakable acts of a few. Good luck to you always.
    And enjoy your cookbook. I just got my copy on the weekend.

  12. I recognize the picture from Duluth ... I drove down from Duluth to see PW too!

  13. To anonymous Jan:
    It was very gracious of you to realize your error and re-post.
    And to Lynae...I don't know how old you are, but by the reply to Jan...you are more mature than you look!
    Signed, a PW fan

  14. You are so lucky to have met her! I wish she would come up here. I would love love to meet her!

  15. Lynae: Your post reminded me of my 10th birthday (that was years ago) when my family lived in New Hampshire. My mom let me and two very dear friends go to the movies alone. I believe we saw Zoro or some popular film of the day. We stood in line for two hours and my feet were killing me but it was fun and the movie was a hit with all the kids my age.

  16. I love PW! I saw her cookbook at Borders and was sooooooo tempted, but I restrained myself and will continue to bring the laptop into the kitchen when making PW recipes... for now. Great post. I felt like I was on the trip with you.