Sunday, November 1

About that hairstyle

In Lynae's "Facebook" post, she mentioned seeing someone with the same hairstyle as hers. I must elaborate.

During a recent shopping trip, I took the kids to lunch. In the restaurant, I saw a woman I'd guess to be about 70 years old. There was something very familiar about her, but I couldn't place it. I knew I'd never seen her before. And it wasn't her beautiful brown eyes... no, it was her hair I recognized. It was thin, fine, light blonde, cut in short layers. She appeared to have a most stubborn cowlick on the right side of her forehead, visible through the bangs meant to cover it up. It was exactly like Lynae's hair!

I told Lynae she should ask the woman what was the best hairstyle she ever had, figuring she's been around long enough to have tried several. And my darling daughter actually did it! She went up to a perfect stranger, told her she'd noticed they had matching hair, and asked what her favorite hairstyle was. Well, the poor woman didn't have a favorite hairstyle. She bemoaned the fact that her hair had always given her trouble, and boy, could Lynae relate. She said her best solution was to wear hats.

That day, Lynae happened to be wearing a hat. So there ya go!

Not one to give up on my darling daughter's challenging hair, and ever willing to cut it shorter, I gave her a pixie cut this weekend. SO cute!

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