Thursday, September 17


I began school. I have been bragging to my friends on Tman about how cool my school is. And it is better than the past few years... at least so far that seems to be the case. And here's a good place to start enjoying school again... at least it's a better place to start than 10 years from now.

I started a new job. It's not too bad. I'm getting paid fairly, and I like that. I also like having a few bucks of lubrication when I go somewhere... I don't have to stick to a budget like a leech to a leg. I like the change. Which brings me to my next paragraph:

It feels like I've started this really cool thing where people want to take me places to do fun stuff... last week Mr. and Mrs. 2poor invited me to come with them to the WI trapping convention, and this weekend 2poor has invited me to come with him and Stinkey to Owatonna, MN for Cumberland's trapper appreciation day. The weekend after that, Pellethead invited me to his place for a board meeting for the MTA, and I hear there will be donuts (due probably mostly to Wheelers' request that they be there) and barbecue sandwiches!

I started a journal. I haven't had a journal since 2001 because I couldn't remember what all the meaningless pictograph was supposed to mean, so I threw it out and gave up hope. This time though, I am writing real words, with real letters, even if they aren't the letters normal Americans can read. About half of it is in an ancient alphabet that hasn't been used for about 700 years... call me Egbert the Scholar from now on.


  1. I am glad you are having the opportunity to do some fun stuff and meet some really nice people at the same time. LOL, Gramma Martin

  2. Hey, you used the same blog title as Lynae's last post! Copy cat! Really though, it sounds like you are off to a great start for this year. Why are you writing in an ancient language? Love that comment about sticking to a budget like a leech to a leg, is that original with you? Can I borrow it?

  3. I used the same title because it was assigned to both of us. I think maybe there's more competitive writing that way.

    Ancient language = hard to read = less leakage of sensitive information.

    Leech comment = original = yeah you can have it. I thought it was really perfect cus if you leave your budget, you regret it a lot, and if you rip the leech off your leg, you regret it because you just keep on bleeding for hours and it doesn't clot LOL!