Saturday, December 15

Movie Recommendations

Lately, I've been surprised at the movies I've enjoyed the most. I guess you'd expect to find them on the Hallmark Channel, as they're relatively slow, simple, and sentimental.

The Last Sin Eater - Author Francine Rivers paints pictures so vivid they bring tears to my eyes. This movie adaptation, showing the need and power of forgiveness and Jesus' sacrifice, was no exception. Special effects were pretty corny, but I was able to look past that because the story grabbed me.

I Am David - The plot of this movie was fairly predictable, but it was still a joy to watch this boy discover so much that we take for granted on his journey from a prison camp, across Europe to Denmark . I was unexpectedly moved by the ending.

Sweet Land - Quirky story of a German mail-order bride who finds herself in a community of Norwegians, full of strong and memorable characters. This story moves slowly enough to let you savor the subtleties.

The Straight Story - This movie progressed at the pace of a riding lawnmower. All the better for appreciating its simplicity, beauty, and charm. Great portrayal of relationships, with plenty of wisdom between the lines.

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  1. Hi! :) We LOVED Sweet Land!! I'd watch it again. I'll have to watch for the others. Thanks!