Friday, December 7

I'm waiting

(I just found this drafted post of Toby's from 11/20 -- Mom)

For something to get caught in my trap and not slip out of the jaws. This is really irritating, because the foothold traps I set for cottontails are attracting the rabbits, and they eat the bait, and get caught in the trap, but the spruce needles I cover the trap with are slippery enough and abundant enough that the little stinkers keep pulling out and running away.

So I pulled those traps today and added them to the other 5 watersets I have that make up my trapline. Haven't caught anything there either, but at least the mink and raccoons aren't pulling their paws out. They are just stealing the bait from the pocket. And I think I fixed that today.

Later this year, when the ice freezes, I will probably find some muskrat push ups and stick a trap in each of those. Muskrat skins are supposed to be worth up to $3.50 this year. I also hope to catch a bobcat (worth about $100), so I can pay for all that stuff I need.

Mr. M said he would let me snare rabbits on his farm, 'cus they are abundant there. But I can't ride my bike that far every day, so if that were to work out, he might have to check the traps for me.


  1. Donna C in TX12/07/2007 1:41 PM

    Hey, Mr. do you find out where to sell your pelts? And where do you sell the pelts you get?

    Just a curious city girl here... Thanks!

    Mrs. C
    (Donna C in TX)

  2. Well, the MN Trapper's Assoc. has a meeting in the summer and a meeting in winter, and there are a lot of fur buyers there. Also, the MTA newsletter sends out information about where fur buyers in the state will be at certain times.