Wednesday, December 6

Writing home

Dear Ma and Pa,

After days on the road, we have arrived at our new farm. The land here is much different from back home. Trees here are mostly pine, birch, and poplar instead of oak, and there are no magnolias up here. Manly says this place will be perfect for raising crops and livestock. We are grateful for our large collection of warm quilts, as the nights here are very cold. The children are looking forward to a white Christmas, and have had a great time sledding and playing with the dogs in the snow. I am hoping we can get to the land office soon and get the deed to this property.

The neighbors here seem friendly enough. I can tell people are a little wary of us until they hear that I grew up nearby. The local store clerk has not smiled yet in all the times I've been there. But she recently suffered a great loss, and my heart goes out to her.

I hope you are well. We will miss you at Christmas this year. I think of you all each time I look at the handmade snowflakes on our Christmas tree. They remind me of many Christmases spent just over the river and through the woods from here.

With much love,
Your daughter


  1. "Manly"! LOL I was just wondering about the origin of that name the other day. Great post! Welcome back to cyberspace. :-)

  2. When God created you, he created a gem, my dear daughter.
    My heart is there with you and your family.
    I love

  3. What an adventure, my friend! You guys had a dream and you went for it! I know you will persevere until you get the house in order and whatnot.

    Great job, Half-Pint!