Sunday, December 31

Holiday week - the short version

We had a lovely Christmas! It was fairly simple and characteristically unique, and much fun was had by all.

The next day, I began wondering what the house looks like without Christmas decorations. I continued to wonder throughout a chaotic week, and we finally found out by Friday. That's also the day we got our new living room furniture.

And speaking of Friday... (insert frazzled emoticon) y'all are MORE than welcome to visit me! Any time after, say, 2PM. Really. But make sure to let me know you're coming. Otherwise, I... (delete long, nonsensical paragraph detailing my social ineptitude and anxiety and briefly hinting at my children's behavior)... Just call first. Please.

Oh yeah, so I had a real, genuine visitor on Friday. Thankfully, my house was exceedingly trashed because we hadn't returned stuff to the newly filled living room yet, so she might've thought the laundry and toilet paper and rocking horse were in the middle of the kitchen because of the furniture delivery, rather than simply everyday chaos. (snort) Once I showed her our lovely half door and scary Jetsons light in the bathroom, the kitchen mess was more easily ignored. God is so good to take care of those little details. I'll leave you to imagine that conversation.

And speaking of details... I'm so excited to be planning for the new year! I've got a to-do list approximately 34" long, and now I can start plugging it into my new calendar. Whippee! Last January, I tore apart the living room for remodeling. That was so we could sell the house and get a new living room. As you might guess from what you just read, I didn't get the new living room put back together until this past Friday. Suffice it to say this was a challenging year. No wonder my eyelid keeps twitching.

And speaking of challenging... Loren trained nearly 50 employees this week. His store opens on Tuesday. I'm so excited for him! I think he's a little too overwhelmed to be excited right now. But things are going very well, and they're going to have a great opening! I should get an update from him when I see him next... probably sometime in February.

So much more to share, but not today. Today tenemos una fiesta mexicana y escuchamos Sonora Santanera y juego con los niƱos. Fun.


  1. You crack me up! You and Toby are cut from the same cloth, obviously.

    I've noted that it would be wise to call first but in my own self-interest, I'd rather just pop in unannounced so that I can feel better about my own domicile. Or at least not so bad. That is to say that it would be nice to see with my own eyes that there is someone else with a house in a similar condition as man. (Except that I didn't just move. :-\)

    I'm so excited about your new living room! I'm sure it'll look spiffy very soon.

  2. adam(still in VA)12/31/2006 7:59 PM

    How can I drop in on you if I don't know your address or phone number?

  3. I meant "in a similar condition as MINE", though my house does certainly resemble, at times, something that is the result of original sin.

  4. Did they say nonsensicle in P & P?

    Oh, forgot to tell you that the baby toes (and baby face today) is Tara's youngest son.

  5. I just had to try this, signing in with my "google" e-mail name...

    Have a wonnnderful Wednesday. :)

  6. Hello Heidi......glad to hear your holidays went well. I got Loren's telephone message two days ago when we returned from spending Christmas at the house in Highlands. I know he is busy with the opening of the restaurant so figure I will wait a bit before trying to call. Happy New Year ! ! ! Hugs, Aunt Marion