Wednesday, December 6

Top Ten House Discoveries Not Found On

(These are merely things I found quirky and interesting. They are not meant to be complaints.)

10. Washing machine manufactured the year I was born (anyone remember "Save Suds"?)

9. Scary Jetsons rocket-light in the bathroom

8. Vibrant green and yellow linoleum in front room/enclosed porch

7. Large floral patterned linoleum on brick red background in upstairs bedroom with pale electric blue walls

6. Stairwell too small for queen box spring

5. Magnetic cabinet latches that rarely latch

4. That old country kitchen smell

3. The top half of a door (it actually goes to the basement)

2. Water that turns brown when heated

1. Most of the siding is not actually white


  1. You're alive, you're alive!

    It's so good to hear from you. I had been wondering how things were going. Hadn't seen anything on the news about a mom travelling with a UHaul, a bunch of kids and a pack of dogs and cats so I figured you all were just busy settling in in Min-uh-soh-da.

    Gotta love the old house charm.

  2. Wow, is that pink flooring propped up against the basement door? Is that what's on the floor of the non-green and yellow parts?

    Was the basement a surprise? If it was, you might want to consider a "People Across the Lake" scenario and take heed. J/k!

    Glad you're back, Heidi!!

  3. Just remember, perfection is boring!!
    Love you.

  4. Boy, that sure did come with lots of character built in! I'm certain they would have charged me extra if I had asked the builders to incorporate a half door in the plans.

    We look forward to seeing more pictures when you get around to it.

  5. wow, I remember #10 - hadn't thought of that in years!! Good to hear from you.