Tuesday, August 9

Is it August already? Hm.

Maybe I should look at the date on my taskbar clock more often. Right now I'm knee-deep in preparations for our first homeschool meeting on Friday. There are so many details, it seems I'll never be ready. The kids and I did a couple days of boot camp last week, and I actually gave up. LOL So unlike me! I was just exhausted. Pretty much the only school work being done right now is what the children can do without me. The rest of the time they're working hard to help me... except Gracie, who's working hard to look cute enough to get away with whatever she wants. And I'm just distracted enough that it's working.

Jon will be seven this week, too. I have no idea how we'll celebrate. I need to think about what he can handle and what we can reasonably do, and I haven't had a chance to consider either yet. I'm sure that as soon as I pray that prayer, God will have an answer waiting for me. He's good like that.

One of my hermit crabs molted this week. After having read so many nervewracking stories on the internet about molting hermies, I'm pleased that it seems to have been successful. I hope not to find out otherwise when Blink'n emerges after eating his little exoskeleton that would fit on my pinky fingernail. I have another, larger hermie, Sundance, whom I'm hoping will molt and change shells soon. He just doesn't look like he could possibly be happy right now in his too-small, broken shell. Maybe someday I'll post pictures of my hermit crabs with their old and new shells. Some of these old shells are quite pathetic. I don't know who I expect would be interested, but I may do it anyway. Boy, could I tell stories about the secret lives of hermit crabs! They're actually great little pets if you're easily amused. They have crabinalities and everything. I also like them because they're nocturnal, like me. And quiet. Gotta love quiet.

I think I'll go enjoy some quiet with my sleeping husband before he gets up for work in 20 minutes. I admire his willingness to get up at crazy times to go to work. I never hear him complain about it. Then again, I'm usually sound asleep and snoring when he leaves. LOL

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