Wednesday, August 31

Another very real day

While I was in town last night, I noticed that flood waters are receding in Hopkinsville. Bleachers are once again visible in Trail of Tears Park, and main roads are passable, at least the ones I normally use.

I got groceries last night, and was thrilled to have a manageable total, even after buying Michael's birthday present. And it only took two carts to get it to the truck! Yay!

We were all up by noon today. The dogs went out to enjoy the dry weather, and we have laundry on the line. After several days of rain, it's a nice change. Loren has been working in the kitchen making batches of stew - one for tonight and a couple to freeze. The little ones have been helping him and having a great time. Toby and Lynae are getting laundry and math done, and have earned the privilege of riding their bikes to the post office.

Jon is being Jon. He's working on compound words. He had four to write. One of them had a few mistakes, so I erased it and asked him to rewrite it. Instead, he wet himself (he'd just been sent to the bathroom 30 minutes earlier) and erased the other three as well. He told me since he had to rewrite one, he figured he rewrite them all. Since he hasn't earned the privilege of creating his own assignments, I told him he can rewrite each word 5 times before stopping to eat. That was 20 minutes ago, and so far he's only been poking the apples in the basket in front of him.

I've been at the computer, parenting, and putting out fires. I admire the mothers who can garden, can, cook, sew, clean, scrapbook, etc. while parenting. I can't seem to do any of those things for very long without focusing on them completely. But I can get all sorts of computer work done - and play, too - and still give the kids the help, attention, and supervision they need. So here I sit. It's a temporary phase, but I've done a great job of justifying it, dontcha think? ;-)

9:30 PM update - He's finally done. Praise the living God! That was only a little over 6 hours!

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  1. I'm not one of those parents who can multitask with one hand and parent with the other either. :-)

    Glad Jon got his assignment finished!