Thursday, June 21

My brain cells went to a good cause

In a stroke of humor genius, Toby has begun mixing Napoleon Dynamite with animated hits such as Cars, The Incredibles, and Madagascar:

  • Nylon polymer is no match for Mr. Incredible.
  • Ramón looks great taking Napoleon and Trisha to the prom.
  • The penguins ask Napoleon to read the label on the crate to discover their destination, which he does in his endearing monotone.
  • Napoleon talks to Pedro about a girl in the cafeteria... who suddenly disappears. (Not sure if that character would have hair covering her face, or a side ponytail. Not that it matters, since she's invisible in that scene.)
  • On the kickball field, after an altercation involving illegal ninja moves from the government, Dash slaps Don and takes off in a blur.


  1. LOL Cute! Leave it to Tobe.

  2. Now, SOMEBODY raised that boy RIGHT!