Saturday, June 16

A couple of Gracie funnies

I put in the Manilow Live DVD, and soon Gracie said, "He's good. He's gonna win the show." Yessir, an original American idol!

We were watching a dream sequence in One Night with the King and she asked, "Is that a wonder?"

She makes an excellent five year old, she really does.


  1. Heidi, friends don't let friends raise another generation of Manilow lovers! Now, put down the CD. Step away from the CD ...

    Gracie can't be five already. Oh my gosh!


  2. What a cutie!

    Did you like the movie?

  3. Did you have a happy happy birthday? I hope so. :) (((hugs)))

    I really like B. Manilow. I didn't know that you did. If you got it from Netflix, I may have to check into that one. That reminds me, I was going to cancel the Netflix, but then decided not to when I came back to life. LOL But, before I did, I erased my friends list. Boo hoo. Can you send me the address to add you back to please? Thank you, hugs, Robin