Wednesday, January 31


Loren took the kids sledding last week. He slid backwards into a tree. He was sore for a few days, but is fine now.

Tonight on the way home from grocery shopping, Toby and I saw a coyote and a wolf. At first I thought the wolf was a deer crossing the road. HA! What can I say -- it was dark out.

Jon actually wrote and solved number sentences for 12 word problems today. After staring at the pages for an hour as though he had no clue, he zipped through them in less than 30 minutes. If only I knew what his motivation was!

Thank God for prednisone! I can now breathe, which is nothing to take for granted.

Four year old girls are amazingly cute. Especially when they're closing in on five.

Storage solutions make life much nicer.

I admire my daughter's ability to work toward and accomplish her goals. May she never lose it!

God is good. He is good regardless of what we see or understand or experience.


  1. Thank you for your snippets! I'm always glad to hear about ya. :-)

  2. It was great chatting with you the other night. Sounds like life there is pretty much the same, just in a different location.

    We miss you all.

  3. Sliding backwards into a tree? That's a pretty fancy trick, there, Mr. Loren!

    I can't believe Gracie is almost FIVE!

  4. Hopefully she won't have passed five before we see another blog post here. ;)