Sunday, July 30

The Fair

A few weeks ago, we entered several items in the Western Kentucky State Fair. I think we did very well for our first year! I did not get pictures of Toby's bread (2nd place) or Lynae's biscuits (3rd place). I was very proud of both of them, since neither has made what they entered very often. And I consider this to be the heart of biscuit country, too!

Nor did I take a picture of Toby's chickens, a couple of tired old hens who looked as though they'd rather be anywhere but at the fair. One of them placed 3rd, and the other was Grand Champion! (That tells you a lot about our fair.)

Lynae worked very hard on a cross stitch project, but due to a couple of setbacks, wasn't able to complete it in time for the fair. She's looking forward to next year!

Toby and I each placed 2nd behind friends of ours. I was surprised at the comments my friend made regarding my entries, but tried hard to be polite. I hope Toby and his friend didn't have any similarly awkward moments between them.

Here are pictures of our other entries which placed:

A duck Toby carved and painted for my birthday gift - 2" long, 5/8" high (2nd place)

A necklace Lynae made for 4-H (blue ribbon)

A belt Toby made, which will go to the state fair in August

Baby blue jay (2nd place)

Neighbor's horses - I didn't think this would place! (1st place)

This man has a story to tell (1st place)

They didn't even know how rare this boy's smile is! (1st place)


  1. Wow, those were great entries! I'm glad to see you blogging again. I feel like I've lost touch with ya! And I LOVE your photos. They are awesome. Especially the horses and the civil war guy. You are just a muti-talented woman.

  2. All the photos are great, but I am really impressed with the duck carving Toby did and the necklace that Lynae made is beautiful. Good job to all of you.Love Tami

  3. Wow, y'all really cleaned up at the fair! Congratulations! You kids are amazing.