Tuesday, June 13

Thank God I paid attention!

For the past several days, it seems that everyone I talked to (and it seems I've talked to everyone) asked if we'd sold our house yet. Over and over, I admitted that we hadn't actually shown the house since the end of April. 6.5 weeks ago, to be exact. That would be depressing, but for this: we've been very busy with other obligations, and haven't been prepared to show the house for quite some time.

Yesterday morning, with my teenager (gulp) on a 4-H trip and my husband at work, darling daughter and I put our heads together for a special girls-only planning session. We decided what we could reasonably accomplish in a day's time, and came up with a pretty long list. I said to her, "I have a feeling the realtor will call today and ask to show the house. And we're SO not ready for that!"

We worked, gave each other back rubs, and worked some more. The littles helped wherever they could. We didn't get the dogs bathed and groomed, but we covered nearly everything else on our list. That felt pretty good.

And then, midafternoon, the phone rang.

We had just over two hours to get the house totally spuff (Armstrong past-tense of "spiff") and be out of here. OH -- guess that feeling was the Holy Spirit. Woo-hoo! So we skipped afternoon naps and kicked it into high gear. This place looked as spiffy as it could look. And supper was in the crockpot; we were good to go.

We didn't go far... we sat in a neighbor's driveway until they turned into our driveway so we'd know what time they arrived. Then we did a couple of errands down the road and waited for them to leave. After 45 minutes, they left and we were able to come home.

Supper sure did smell good when we walked in the door. Loren got home a little after we did, and he called the realtor to see how the showing had gone. The realtor seems hopeful... said it went well, and that supper smelled great. LOL

So... we'll see what comes of it. Maybe we'll get an offer. Either way, I'm glad I paid attention yesterday morning.

Toby is supposed to come home tonight. I'm so excited! I can handle loosening apron strings, no problem. But it was a bit much to say goodbye to him the morning of his 13th birthday so he could judge livestock on the other side of the state. It'll be great to have him back.


  1. Woo-hoo!! 45 minutes is a good sign! Hope they make an offer. Had fun with you guys the other night.

  2. You need to read the latest post at http://bartswholenewworld.blogspot.com/

    It encouraged me - I think it will you, too.

  3. Glad to hear you had an opportunity to show the house! Did they submit an offer?

  4. Still no offers, but a few nibbles...