Saturday, June 24

Sailing Through the Blogosphere

Recently, I've branched out and begun exploring the favorite blogs of some of my favorite bloggers. I can see, now, that this could become an addiction. There is one blog, which for now shall remain nameless (though you can find its link on this very page), that has been open on my browser, in some form or another, nearly the entire time my computer has been on for the past week.

One thing I've noticed is that all tracks eventually lead to SpunkyHomeSchool. Not one to easily join any crowd, I wasn't even tempted to check out Spunky's blog. But this morning I decided to trust the collective opinion of those whose opinions I continually read and appreciate, and I clicked over to see what Spunky had to say. I wasn't immediately hooked, but kept browsing until I hit upon a gem. As brain-tied as I am, I always appreciate it when others express my opinions or beliefs more logically or eloquently or convincingly than I could myself. That said, read what Spunky has to say about youth groups. As far as I'm concerned, she's right on!

I've also noticed that I'm woefully deficient in my exposure to classic literature. The irony of being convinced of this through the reading of blog after blog is not lost on me. Thankfully, I recently brought my children a huge stack of classics from the library, so as soon as I turn off the computer, I can dive right in!

Ok, realistically, I probably won't begin reading until I've finished editing a book for a friend, applying for my children's social security cards, updating another website (or two), and reading dozens more blog entries. But it's on my radar, and the books are in my house, and that's a start, at least.


  1. Oh thank you so much for sending me down the bloggin' path! How am I ever going to get anything done now???

    I really appreciate the youth group entry just now.

  2. blogging down the bunny trail is fun, though!

  3. Miz Heidi, when I was working at the you-know-what on Saturday, I saw a little boy and thought he was your youngest son. He looked just like him!

    This is right up there with the time I thought I saw our Canadian Donna G. in the supermarket.

    I really do need to get a life.

  4. Isn't it though, Kathleen??

    JooolieBaybee, you do need to get a life when you start to see things! ;)

  5. Hiya Miss Heidi. :) I responded to you on my blog about the flax seed. I hope you are doing well! Thank you for praying the other day. "Things" are a little better.

    I did not get your e-mail, btw.

    Have a super Saturday! Hugggs, Robin