Saturday, May 27

Spring Banquet

We had our PACHEK Spring Banquet on Thursday evening. It was more wonderful than I could've imagined. We entered to find the room full of balloons, and the tables... oh! The tables! Each table was covered with paper, on which we found questions, quotes, and discussion starters. There were books for answering various questions, crayons, rulers, pencils & erasers, Skittles, and M&Ms. The kids had lots of fun with all that, and so did the grown ups!

Families displayed some of their children's schoolwork from the past year. We saw a huge bug collection, a castle model, a Civil War display, marshmallow sculptures, paintings, and several other neat projects. There was a potluck dinner with more than enough food to go around... and around.

As we finished eating, some of the children gave musical or other presentations. We certainly have talented young people in our homeschool group! This was followed by each family leader introducing his (or her) family and recognizing special achievements.

The last presentation was very special to me. Two of the other PACHEK leaders presented me with a thank-you gift -- a poster of Kentucky memorabilia to remember them by. I plan to have it signed before I move!

The evening was a beautiful celebration of homeschooling. I hope it becomes a PACHEK tradition!

Here is video of Toby and Lynae's presentation:


  1. Very cool!! Are there other videos you want to share with the world??

  2. It really was a great night, huh? God has definitely stretched and blessed us this year.

    Remind me of this in about 6 months... Ha!

  3. Dear Heidi,

    Please tell Lynae and Toby that Emma and Beka enjoyed watching/listening to them sing/play. How fun! It does look like it was a fun event. Now I know I'd be out of place in PACHECk, though. LOL We don't do anything nearly as exciting as the things you mentioned.

    Have a wonderful afternoon! Take care, Robin

  4. I wish I could hear the children! They look adorable! I'll try again with IE.

    Sounds like your homeschool group loves you as much as we do.